The popularity of the "X" series as a balloon "not just for competition" has been growing, along with the demand for a slightly larger size. So last year, we added the 77X to our widely popular existing "X" series of 56, 60, and 69,000 cubic ft. balloons and since then they have been literally flying out the door!

Phil Thompson is flying our current 77X demonstrator from square D-3. This balloon features a Hyperlife top 1/3, DiamondWeave fabric for the lower 2/3rds, a nomex throat and Scoop, dual turning vents, and the exclusive Lindstrand internal baffle.

Our 69X demonstrator is manufactured with the top 1/3 Hyperlife, and the rest Ripstop. It has a nomex throat and Scoop, dual turning vents, the exclusive Lindstrand internal baffle and is being flown by John Petrehn from square E-1.

Talk to your Lindstrand Representative to find out how either one of these beauties can be yours!

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