A wise man once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But what good is a penny today? Wouldn’t you rather save some “Benjamins?”

Buy a new Lindstrand envelope or full system during our 2014 Fall Special and reap while we sew!How much can you save It’s easy - just do the math! Simply pick your balloon size and multiply by $22.

A 77 x $22 = $1,694.00 in $aving$
A 105x $22 = $2,310.00 in $aving$
A 240x $22 = $5,280.00 in $aving$

Need more reasons to buy a Lindstrand? We offer all of the best balloon fabrics in the world. Choose from UK manufactured, Hyperlife™ the high performance fabric which is silicone coated on both sides, known for its strength and longevity; the standard Ripstop fabric which is lightweight, exceptionally good at keeping its strength over time and treated to resist porosity; or our exclusive DiamondWeave™ fabric, manufactured in the USA, developed by Aerostar International, Inc. with its proven performance characteristics, resistance to porosity, and incredible luster and available only in a Lindstrand!Oh, and did we mention you have more than 20 colors to choose from?

Our baskets are available in straight or swept tops, with woven or plywood floors, in panoramic, single-T, or double-T styles, and in sizes from XS to XXXL.Did you know a Lindstrand balloon system already includes options like an upgraded basket size, cushionfloor, nylon skid protectors, smooth leather basket trim, and more? So our special savings go right to your bottom line.

At Lindstrand Balloons we’re all about choices.

Need financing? We have it!

Prefer a Spring Delivery? Not a problem!

There are a limited number of Fall Specials available. The deadline to order is November 15, 2014, or until the last production slot is taken. Be one of the first 5 lucky people to order and receive an extra $500 in accessories.

While at Fiesta, visit with factory representatives at launch site D-3, right next to “Lindy,” we will be happy to show you the advantages and affordability of a Lindstrand balloon; or use this mobile website to locate launch locations and get contact information for Lindstrand dealers at Fiesta.

And remember, we are conveniently located in the Midwest, always available to answer your questions and provide parts support overnight should you ever need it.

Contact your Lindstrand dealer, or a factory representative to get started today!!

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